The Officer Craig Birkholz Scholarship Fund and the Birky Challenge are so very proud to announce the well deserved recipient of the 2017 Craig Birkholz Scholarship! Congratulations Mr. Edward Wick!

In early January of 2018 the Birky Challenge was informed that Ed Wick is on track to graduate from the Police Academy in May of 2018. We wish him the absolute best!

The Birky Challenge Scholarship Team awards an annual scholarship to graduates of a high school in Fond du Lac or Kenosha County who are enrolled in a Wisconsin based college and pursuing either a two-year or four-year degree in Police Science or Criminal Justice. Wearing Badge #67, Craig Birkholz was a City of Fond du Lac Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty on March 20, 2011. He was a military veteran, a good husband and a dedicated police officer. Craig was an example of dedication to his job, commitment to good physical conditioning, and used care and compassion in carrying out his role as a police officer.

The Birky Challenge Scholarship Team created a scholarship fund at the Fond du Lac Area Foundation that is supported by the “Birky 67 Challenge”, an annual charity bicycle ride of 67 miles, in an effort to provide the financial help needed to enter into a career as a police officer. It is hoped that this scholarship may help educate and prepare future police officers who can be as effective and as impactful in his/her community as Craig was